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We are a World of Warcraft Raiding guild on the Horde side of the PvP server Jaedenar in the EU. 
We raid 3 days per week from 7.30-11.30pm Wednesday,Thursday,Sunday

We are aiming to strengthen our roster and we are looking for skilled raiders to compete for core spots as we move into Warlords of Draenor. After prev expansions we want to get back into raiding, we have successfully transitioned into 20 man and are looking more dedicated players for our roster. We have achieved top 250 in world progress in previous content. With alot of dedication we can achieve much.

Our objective in Warlords of Draenor is to continue to be one of the best on our server with casual raiding. We are searching for like-minded, talented raiders interested in clearing all of the current content while maintaining their family, work, school, and other responsibilities.

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Blackrock Foundry Heroic cleared!

by Marfyy, 11 days ago

After three weeks of farming Blackrock Foundry, we finally took down Blackhand HC, so far the toughest fight in there. After a couple of nights on him with varying raid sizes, we settled on 18 people, which got us the kill.

After an easy kill on Tectus in the middle of BRF launch, we managed to snatch rank 10 on the server, best rank so far!

Onto Mythic BRF!

Blackhand HC down

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